Life Sentence is an Italian brand, founded in Italy since 2012.
The first phase was mainly concerned with discography with Life Sentence Rec where the first release was on December 21, 2012 (end of the Mayan world), then the Industry division was inaugurated in August 2018 with the opening of the official website for clothing.

But how did we get to Life Sentence?

Until 2012, Mattia was working for a major London electronic music label that closed that year. This would shatter years of work and sacrifice, the artistic relationships created and the staff. For this reason it was decided to open in Italy a new reality where they joined all those who wanted to continue working with Mattia.
The new challenge was called Life Sentence because it reflects the situation of when you have a passion and, as much as things do not go as you would like and you get to the point of thinking to give up everything, if you really love it you will never abandon it by creating a mental bond that leads you to fight to see the sacrifices repaid.

There is no worse defeat than surrender.

The recording project, after several difficulties, begins to establish itself in its niche market, so as to allow you to open the satellite label for emerging talent Little Italy Music and collaborate with the crew and the homonymous label of Electronci Fog.
Already in 2016 a new section was opened on the LSR website where artists and friends could buy the merchandising of the label because they wanted to share the same style and feel part of a big family.

In the same year Mattia met Riccardo, who immediately entered the project taking care of the graphics of the covers and the merchandising. This is how a good harmony was born and in 2018 a new Life Sentence Industry division was opened, designed to dress musicians and clubbers. The sale starts in September 2018 with the official website.
The locomotive of this project is the t-shirt, but given the experimentation is an integral part of our DNA we also designed our first snapback hats for a modern streetwear brand as a reference product. In the creative wake we also designed our first sweatshirt, our first beach towels with matching flip flops and to give an ever wider choice to our customers the accessories department always has news to meet the needs of our community.

Every day our team tries to give life to new ideas and improve its proposal with attention to the customer, with continuous interactions in our social networks.

The quality of our products is high level, this is because being able to dress our customers with quality clothing is a strong point on which we want to focus.

The passion and total sharing of our family are the fuel of this project, do you want to be part of it? You are welcome 😉


The history of our symbol starts with an initial identification of the Anonymus loop for the first year. Then, with the help of Stefano, a friend of ours from Milan, it became a shilouette of an escaped man and from 2015 our Keyhole became our keystone.

The Keyhole represents the feeling of freedom, the need to escape from problems, to escape from the boring routine that always passes through a hole in the lock of a door and we want to be part of your moment of happiness and help you open that door, because escaping is beautiful but together more.