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Every year since 1967, the world’s leading manufacturers and innovators have gathered in Las Vegas for the technology innovation fair. This year in the CES 2020 edition, whose acronym means Consumer Electronics Show. Among the many objects that will be part of our tomorrow we have selected the pajamas of the future.


Let us start from the base, for those who do not know this event, know that the CES is an annual event that started in 1967. Worldwide we can define it as one of the main fairs if not the main one for consumer electronics. During this meeting, as you can imagine, a lot of products are presented before they are put on the market. For the series, curiosity to know, from the 2020 edition, for the first time in history will also be exposed sex toys.

We are not here to talk about what Tesla, Toyota or Xiaomi presented, but for our sector we were really impressed by the proposal of Xenoma, a Japanese start-up based in Tokyo that develops new generation intelligent clothing to offer wellness and happiness in everyday life.

ces2020-xenoma-coloursThe line proposed by them E-Skin Sleep&Lounge, aims to monitor the heart rate, breathing and vital parameters of those who wear these high-tech pajamas.
Data are also provided on the quality of sleep. They are equipped with a special alarm that warns when the wearer has fallen on the floor.

This function is really useful when talking about elderly people, this function has also been reported by CEO Ichiro Aminori. The latter also suggests this solution to all people who have difficulty with wearables.

Xenoma has scheduled the launch of this collection of smart pyjamas in the United States for spring 2020, while in Japan it will be available in May 2020 in collaboration with the Tokyo Urban Research brand.


In addition to what we have already listed, the data collected by this intelligent pajamas, connected to an appropriate home with home automation applied to heating and cooling devices, will adjust the room environment according to the sleep conditions transmitted.


Basically this special smart pajamas will do everything an Apple Watch could do but with much more comfort for the person.
Even if in this article we don’t talk about our sweatshirts, t-shirts or hats, we wanted to share with you what for us is the best proposal at CES 2020 in terms of innovation in the clothing industry.


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