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With this article we will inaugurate a new section dedicated to the survival of clubbers in the world. You know that for a clubbers there are no boundaries, they are fierce travelers always looking for a special event to cheer their experiences.

This section is divided by city and each article will be based on it or geographical area chosen. Our aim will be to create a real detailed guide in order to be able to better address each type of clubbers according to the needs of the moment.

Each of these episodes will be elaborated with the support of a local reference point that will give us all the necessary information to be able to write the perfect survival manual for clubbers.

We are well aware that the world changes quickly and we will not be able to list every detail but with your help we will continue to revise these guides so that they are always up to date.

For us clubbing is first of all sharing and we are very happy to be able to continue this ambitious project, if you want to contribute please write us in our contact page or at the end of this article in the comments.

We couldn’t have chosen a better city for this first guide: we are in Milan, the world capital of style and innovation on several fronts, everything you can imagine in Milan you will find.

The guys from Le Cannibale, in the role of Albert Hofer and Marco Greco, helped us to recover the material to create the perfect guide for a clubber in Milan.

It seems to us at least necessary to tell you their story given that they are among the main event organizers of the city.


Le Cannibale has existed for nine years and is therefore one of the “oldest” clubbing and events in Milan. With an average of more than 60 events per year, a festival, 5 main brands carried out, institutional and corporate clients, as well as a root linked to club culture, Le Cannibale talks about sounds, cinema, performance art, classical and electronic music, markets in crucial places of the Lombard panorama, and connects different worlds through events that speak to the whole city of Milan, having come out of the “night” world alone.

In the city these formats can be traced back to their organization: Le Cannibale, Reverso Festival, Wunder Mrkt, Classica Elettronica Fantastica, Elettrocinematica, Club Prohibido, so we suggest you to attend them if you are in Milan and there are one of these events, rest assured that the quality will not lack. Check this page.


If you arrive by plane Milan can be reached through the airports of Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio. If you arrive by train your point of disembarkation will be the Central Station which is close to the underground station Centrale FS, where the lines M2 (green line) and M3 (yellow line) intersect, in the next paragraph we will give you all the details you need to use this means of transport. If you arrive by bus know that services like Flixbus cover the city well, especially the stations in the suburbs where you can take advantage to enter the subway of Milan that will take you everywhere, also in this case I suggest you to lean on the map above.


The events that you can find in Milan are of all kinds and in any area, there are many ways to move from one extreme to another in a few minutes, the means that personally we prefer is the metro line. Here below you can find the map of the underground line in Milan, it will surely be useful to understand which routes and exchanges you need to take to get wherever you need.

Zoom in on the image to see the stops and switches. The four lines are commonly called with the colors that identify them: the “red” (M1), the “green” (M2), the “yellow” (M3), the “lilac” (M5), the future “blue” (M4).

We always recommend buying tickets online for convenience and use the ATM Milano app for IOS and Android.

Obviously there is not only the metro but also an urban bus system that is always managed by the same metro app to buy tickets and check the routes.

For transport by public transport personally we always had a good time travelling using Google Maps which keeps you updated on timetables and public transport routes.

Milan is full of taxis that you can book by simply calling the service RadioTaxi Milano (02-6969), among the most famous transport services of the moment we mention Uber that together with Rome is one of the cities where they move, from the Uber app you can request your ride or at this link.

A service that we feel to promote also in virtue of the eco-sustainable transport is the Bike Sharing promoted by the Municipality of Milan itself, if you do not have long distances to travel and the weather is clear it will certainly be an alternative way to reach your destinations in full respect of the environment.


You will certainly find good choices on and the Air BnB service (if you register from this link you will have 34€ to spend), the latter as many of you already know will give you the opportunity to stay in very luxurious apartments at a reasonable price, there are also many hostels used by travelers such as Ostelzz, a structure born as a hi-tech start-up in 2014 that has developed a smart hospitality solution.


As it should be, Milan also offers a 360° sensory experience, and taste is no exception.

Let’s start with the local specialty, the schnitzel alla Milanese, the guys at La Cannibale recommend eating it at Damm-atrà in via Lombardini.


For clubbing Le Cannibale recommends:

  • The Plastic, born in 1980, which over time has been frequented by artists of the highest level such as: Madonna, Elton John, Andy Warhol, Freddie Mercury, Prince, Paul Young, Bruce Springsteen. The venue is known for a strict selection at the entrance, so try to pay attention to your dress code.
  • For live evenings the Santeria, a large indoor square, a creative factory, the space in Viale Toscana 31 is part of the plan to relaunch areas of cultural and social interest wanted by the City of Milan.
  • The Magnolia is a club in the waterfront area that offers extremely different contents every day of the week, with a variety that – especially in summer – speaks to very large audiences offering a heterogeneous choice of musical content.

Other venues suggested by the Life Sentence Industry community are:

  • Macao is an independent centre for arts, culture and research. It is currently based in the former Milan Slaughterhouse Exchange, in the middle of a huge abandoned area not far from the city center; it has a transversal program that hosts performing arts, cinema, visual arts, design, photography, literature, newmedia, hacking and city committee meetings.
  • Amnesia Milano, is not just a club, but a multifunctional space, a “location” for fashion shows and theme parties in a post-industrial area between the centre and Milan Linate airport. Everything has been harmonized with an excellent minimalist taste with a Hi-Tech structure designed and furnished to follow the regnant fashion system, simple but original at the same time.

Buy your tickets on the most used platforms in Milan, such as Resident Advisor, Mailticket and Zero.

Tell us in the comments your premises worthy of being mentioned in this guide, we will include them in the next update.


Milan has for years been active in the structure of municipal weekends that are dedicated to the most varied interests and allow fans to find hundreds of themed events to satisfy any need.


Among the main recommended by Le Cannibale:

  • Reverso Festival, is a disco festival that takes place in Santeria viale Toscana 31 twice a year. It is a cult free entry event dedicated to Italian disco music.
  • For the cinema we must mention the Milano Film Festival.
  • I 400 Calci, is an online magazine dedicated mainly to the cinema that we have defined “Combat”: it’s about action and horror, with some worthy exceptions in various genres including science fiction, western, war. I suggest you if you are interested in this genre to follow their news because they are used to organize thematic events in the city.

Other events in the city reported by the Life Sentence Industry community:

For combat sports an event not to be missed is Oktagon, the specialty is kick boxing for over twenty years, it is held at the Assago Forum, slightly outside Milan, if you happen in Milan during this event we highly recommend it.
Speaking of fashion that is of great interest to the Life Sentence Industry there is the Fashion Week which is the main event of the year in this sector.


No one better than Le Cannibale can give us an overview of the Milanese fashion scene, talking about the clientele who attend their evenings:” At Le Cannibale we have a large clientele ranging from 20 to 40 years old, with a few exceptions. it is impossible to define how we dress, and we want to be inclusive and not address an audience that quotes each other”.


Milan is a city of reference for fashion, on the streets you will find many different styles, even tourism goes to enrich the variety that walks on the streets.

Our proposal for a t-shirt that will not go unnoticed is the Keyhole model.


When we ask Le Cannibale what is there to know so as not to run into trouble they tell us: “Milan is an inclusive, tolerant and modern city. We want it to stay that way, to progress and not regress in the dimension that concerns our work.”

Therefore, feel free to express yourselves as you see fit in full respect for the freedom of others.


For the climate and the particular energy that the city transmits we recommend a visit in October, March and April.


When you are in the Lombard capital and want to use your time to get to know something new, we recommend you visit:

  • Prada Foundation, is an institution dedicated to contemporary art and culture, you will find it in the Vigentino district.
  • Museo del 900, is a permanent exhibition of works of art of the twentieth century housed in the Palazzo dell’Arengario and the adjacent Palazzo Reale in Milan, you will find it in Piazza del Duomo.
  • Parco Sempione, is a green area of the city of Milan. Built in the late nineteenth century on the area already occupied by the Piazza d’Armi, it occupies an area of 386,000 m².
  • Brera, is the artistic district of Milan, where history, culture and architecture blend perfectly. It can be reached by metro from every area of Milan with the underground stations of Cairoli Castello (line M1), Lanza (line M2) and Montenapoleone (line M3).
  • The Porta Venezia district is part of the historical centre. The neoclassical buildings of Corso Buenos Aires, famous shopping street, host shops of big chains.

The recommended stores:

  • Bloodbuster, in Via Panfilo Castaldi, for those who love yellow and “genre” cinema, intended as the cinema of the Italian golden age that rode the 70s / 80s, Italian detective movies, horror and detective stories.
  • Serendipity is an excellent record store, recommended both for DJs and disc lovers in general, you will find it in Corso di Porta Ticinese. You will find a courteous and friendly staff that will surely advise you well.


The Cannibals after helping us in this first article greets us like this.” Don’t just enjoy Milan at night, learn more about its musical and cultural offerings, now much less obvious than a few years ago. Milan is a stimulating place that lives a particular moment of “European” relevance, partially the result of Expo and tourism. The festivals, the weekends we were talking about above, make the city a pole of attraction on Europe. With its inevitable defects, the city is an interesting place to visit full of interesting proposals for those who do not know it, but also for those who live there. The clubs are only a small part of it.”

We thank you for reading this first chapter all the way through, and we also thank Albert Hofer and Marco Greco of Le Cannibale who helped us to write the guide to Milan in an alternative way to what you can read in the usual tourist guides.

Life Sentence Industry in its values has that of sharing, so feel free to comment below to give value to this report and help future clubbers who are or are planning the trip to Milan, we will take care to keep it updated over time to make it always current.

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