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After the first article on Milan, today we will add another important guide dedicated to the survival of clubbers in the world. Today we will always stay in Lombardy and focus on Varese.

For this important special will support us Sibe of the collective This is not, and as we have already explained in the articles with your support in the area of comments we will feed this section keeping it updated as much as possible trying to keep up with the speed of the changes that are now around us.

Let’s go and find out who has made himself available to deal with this topic with us.

this-is-not-vareseMy name is Andrea Salvetti but everyone in town knows me as Sibe. I am together with my partner Marco Dassi, founder of the party This is not, a landmark event in Varese since 2012. Before This is not, however, I had a career as a PR for the main clubs in Lombardy (Amnesia, Fluid, Hollywood, De Sade, Pervert, …) and then as a DJ both for the clubs in our province and later for This is not precisely.
In 2017 I decided to leave the DJ clothes and take care only of the organization of the events of our group called Soundart Events.
People know me mainly for this reason, in a small reality like Varesina we have never been many to occupy the role of PR and over the years I have created and cultivated my network of contacts leading it to grow and follow me event after event.
I have always taken the subject of the night very seriously and professionally seeing it as a real job opportunity and not as a temporary pastime. Seriousness and sincerity, I believe, are the main characteristics that have led people to follow me in the various events organized.


Varese can be considered a strategic city as it is located on the border with Switzerland and is only 40 km from Milan. The airport of Malpensa is located in the province of Varese and this allows us to be easily reachable by everyone, including DJs’.
Moreover, also thanks to the Northern and State railways we can consider ourselves lucky in terms of accessibility.
Varese center does not have many parking lots, especially on weekends it is very difficult to find one and they are mostly paid.

Among the info proposed by the site of the municipality we make a brief schematic summary on how to reach Varese:

  • Car: Highway A8 – Exit Varese.
  • Train: Trenitalia and Trenord from Milan to Varese station.
  • Plane: from Milan Malpensa airport and with Malpensa Express (by train Direction Milano Cadorna – change Saronno – Varese Nord) or with Varese4U (by shuttle bus from Terminals 1 and 2 to Varese State Railways Station (Piazzale Trieste).
  • Flixbus: from and to Varese.


Those who live in the province of Varese must move around with a car or a motorbike. There is no metro and the only services left are the railway and the bus services that connect the various villages.


Varese offers many alternatives to sleep especially in the centre area. We at This is not, for example, lean on the Hotel in Capolago for all the artists and booking managers that we host at our party. A few steps from the lake Varese offers a really good service and value for money.
Moreover there are historical places like the Grand Palace Hotel or the Hotel Bologna famous all over the city.

You will certainly find good choices on and the Air BnB service (if you register from this link you will have 34€ to spend), the latter as many of you already know will give you the opportunity to stay in very luxurious apartments at a reasonable price.


Varesina cuisine includes traditional Lombard dishes such as polenta and bruscit or the famous asparagus from Cantello, just to name a few. We also have two desserts that are produced and consumed only in our province: the sweet Varese and the Camel of the Befana (GOOD!!!).
As street food there isn’t much, to eat in a cheap way I think the legendary Golden Egg with its fantastic sandwiches is still at the number one position. Varese is more a city of restaurants and many are really good. With the guests playing at our events we like to go around these places having a good time enjoying good dinners before the party. We are used to go to the Pesa, or to the rolling pin in the center of Varese and the DJs always love it. Do not forget also La Terrazza, slightly outside the center, where you can enjoy a very special and very modern cuisine, mainly based on fish and with reinterpretations of classic dishes using niche products.


Varese has never been very famous for nightlife in terms of clubs. Young people are used to be in the centre to live it in an intense way, in the famous Corso Matteotti, full of bars and pubs, to drink and have an aperitif from 6.00 p.m. until late at night, we quote and recommend Balthazar, Ultimo, Maison JouJou and Vineria del Croce. There are only two discos in the centre: the Deep Club and the Babi Club which offer evenings with different genres depending on the event proposed. You can enjoy Latin American nights, commercial music and even electronic music. They are not big clubs. We at Life Sentence Industry love intimacy so there won’t be that dispersion effect. On the lake of Varese we propose the Village, a commercial summer club.


Leaving the center and then going around the province we find the place where our event This is not: l ‘Andy live music. A much larger venue where 3 different staff work inside, offering evenings of techno music (us) plus commercial evenings (Doom Party) and University evenings (Uninsubria Party). Other venues in the province are the new 8 Chakra APS, an association just opened with workshops and evenings of various genres, The Bunker in Masnago area and the famous De Cube in Cassano Magnago that offers purely commercial evenings. Not to be forgotten in the centre of Varese is a multi-purpose and fun place like Twiggy which offers live evenings, restaurants and cultural events of all kinds.


The main music festival in Varese is definitely the Woodoo Fest in Cassano Magnago which hosts a 4 days of indie/rock/pop music with national artists, food trucks, entertainment and camping for all participants. It attracts a lot of people from all over Italy and we at This is not collaborating with them by holding an after-party after the concerts. Another mini Festival is This is Summer (format proposed by Soundart Events), an event a bit ‘atypical as it takes place in a mega park with swimming pool and sees the performance of electronic music dj’s from 10 am to midnight, we also find sports tournaments, markets, food and drink area. A sort of mega pool party that takes place in July in the location of Poggio Refresh. In addition to these we find the Holi Festival with commercial music and target of teenagers.


clubbing-varese-disco-ragazzaClubbers in the province of Varese have not yet reached certain standards of common stereotype. If we take as a sample the customers of This is not the clothing is really very varied. We go from the classic boys dressed in trap style to the more elegant boys, the so-called “borghesotti” as we call them here…

Our proposal for a t-shirt that will not go unnoticed is the Keyhole model, the clubbers that brings with it the pay-off “Our music is the KEY to your ESCAPE” pays little attention to other people’s opinion because it lives nightlife as a mystical moment.


When we ask Sibe what is there to know so as not to run into trouble they explain to us in a funny way: “Don’t confuse the Varesini with the Varesotti.”


Varese certainly gives its best in summer because the seven lakes in the area make our resort an almost holiday destination both for tourists and especially for those who live there because the weekend with a day at the lake and a pizza in the evening is a small break from the daily routine. Autumn and spring obviously have their reasons, Varese is famous for its villas and gardens as well as for the sacred Mount and the Campo dei Fiori where you can see Milan on clear days.


The cycle path around Lake Varese is certainly one of the most important places in the city, but also the other lakes make it a destination for holidaymakers (Lake Varese, Lake Maggiore, Lake Monate, Lake Comabbio, Lake Ghirla, Isola Bella and the Borromean Islands).

Its historical centre, moreover, offers several points of interest:

  • The Estense Gardens and Palace: a park inspired by the imperial palace of Schönbrunn in Vienna.
  • Villa Mirabello and the Robbioni Tower: Varese is defined as “Garden City” and wandering through its gardens and villas you can understand why. Here you can also enjoy a relaxing location thanks to its homonymous bar that represents a must see of Varese.
  • Corso Matteotti: This course represents “the Corso” of Varese, the lively pedestrian street in the heart of the city. The course hosts many shops and clubs that make it the nerve centre of the city.
  • Piazza del Podestà: the connection point between the Corso and the Basilica of San Vittore through the famous Arco Mera.
  • Arco Mera: one of the symbols of Varese and the focal point of everyday life.
  • Casa Perabò: famous for its Gothic window of inestimable artistic value.
  • Villa and Panza Collection: the villa is located outside the historic centre but with a view of the city. It represents an artistic value both the villa and the art collections it houses. In fact there is the permanent collection of Giuseppe Panza and several exhibitions of contemporary art.

The recommended stores:

  • 3ND world – VARESE, in Corso Matteotti, for lovers of Urban Wear is a must to dress here, dynamic staff, ready to advise you and always updated on new trends.
  • Refresh Shop, you will find it in Viale Garibaldi in Gavirate, it’s about 15 minutes drive from Varese, but we can assure you that it is worth a visit, a shop born in 2011 that offers the main brands worn by young people who come here from all over the province. Sometimes it is possible to come across a party organized inside the shop where underground dj set artists perform.
  • Record Runners is the recommended record store if you are in Varese, is located in Via Abruzzi. You will surely find a fantastic assistance as well as an almost endless choice.


Sibe after helping us in this first article greets us like this. “Varese and its province for those who live and appreciate it is certainly a spectacular city because it is surrounded by nature and offers places and landscapes of sure interest. The nightlife and the clubs are not so many but you can still find the way to spend beautiful evenings and moments of fun. The culinary offer is not inferior to any other city. If you are passing through these areas for an evening or an event, I highly recommend you to stay at least a couple of days. In order to discover the whole province and to see the beauty of our places, especially during the summer season”.

We thank you for reading this second chapter all the way through, and we also thank Sibe de This is not that she helped us to write the Varese guide to deal with it in an alternative way to what you can read in the usual tourist guides or online blogs. Here we think about the good of clubbers not travel bloggers 😉

Sharing is at the basis of the values that Life Sentence Industry tries to convey, so feel free to comment below to give value to this report and help future clubbers who are or are planning to travel to Varese, perhaps at Soundart Events, we will keep it updated over time to make it always current.


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