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If you’re looking for a cool outfit for this summer and you’d like some advices, you’re in the right place.
Below we’ll describe some of the kind of clothing you can choose to be fashionable with the right style, sure to find it at Life Sentence Industry.

A piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion is a classic t-shirt and on that we all agree, but it’s not enough to wear it, you must know how to combine it with pants, shoes and accessories. We will explain how man t-shirts can be worn in any circumstance, in formal working environments, at casual aperitifs, at parties or at elegant occasions.

The goal we propose is to look into our wardrobe and choose clothes and colours carefully matched rather than randomly dress to appear.

DJ NOT JUKEBOX BLACKBLACK T-SHIRT is a must in any fashion collection whether it’s a streetwear brand like ours or a more luxurious brand like Versace. But when we wear it, what should we match?
In this case the choice is easy because in a casual occasion, such as an aperitif, I’d suggest to focus on light jeans or white trousers.
If you have t-shirts with a personalized print or with coloured graphics (not monochrome) you could match the color of the pants to the dominant color of your shirt and the shoes should be black in this case. Accessories such as rubber bracelets, black fabric watches or leather are fine and if you wear a necklace and/or earrings, if you prefer steel as material, better to avoid yellow gold.


right style at workThe WHITE T-SHIRT is slightly more difficult to wear than black, as it’s more ideal for those with slim build. When you choose a white T-shirt from your closet, our advice is to always match it with a pair of white shoes. This will simplify your choice when you decide what to wear together. When choosing pants, we recommend a black pant, maybe a man’s chino type. An alternative is the Denim Jeans that will never go out of fashion, if you have opted for a t-shirt with a particularly flashy graphics, torn or crumpled avoid wearing torn jeans, you would do nothing but weigh down your look unnecessarily. Another alternative to dark jeans and trousers is the choice of grey trousers, but not too light, which will give you a summery and elegant look. A word of advice, do not choose to match white t-shirts and grey trousers if you have very light skin. We suggest steel accessories for this type of style such as bracelets, watches, earrings and necklaces. In the last two years you will have noticed that the elegant black jackets are worn with a normal white t-shirt, often with graphics that are not too dispersive.

Then there is the COLOURED T-SHIRT, at this point the level of difficulty increases as you will need to have many alternatives in your catalog to find the right match, but this is nothing more than a reason to encourage us to wear a type of clothing that will surely distinguish us from the mass. There is little to do, black and white statistically speaking are for the most worn, so those who wear a yellow shirt will be noticed immediately at an aperitif or even in the background of a photo as you scroll through your Facebook feed. In this section we will not consider any kind of color to avoid writing a novel and get bored, instead we will talk about the concepts to keep in mind when you want to match a coloured shirt.

right syle at holidayI will keep the example of our yellow T-shirt designed for Travellers only to find the right references, but you can apply the below tips to any type of colour as long as the coloured shirt has a dominant color.
In this case the t-shirt is yellow with a rather large black graphic on the chest, so we recommend black chino trousers or black linen trousers, which will dress very softly if your shirt is tight. Contrast games also work, so you can experiment. Speaking of shoes, the perfect suggestion in the this particular case would be the Onitsuka Men’s Tiger Mexico 66, exactly the shoes of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, but if we do not own these shoes another type that offers these colors will be fine. What if we don’t have yellow shoes? Wear black shoes, we all know black shoes go with everything, or almost. If we wore white shoes rather than wearing the right style we’d look like clowns and people would definitely notice us, but not the way we would like.

EXTRA TIP: Wearing a bandana tied to the forearm in the secondary colour of the t-shirt is also a good idea if you want to wear a well-designed accessory.

We’ve come to the conclusion of this article and I hope I’ve given you some ideas and good advices on how to choose the right style for you. For any doubt or if you simply need some advice, leave a comment below, our community will be happy to assist you.


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