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Welcome to our Shop

Welcome friends, as in a house we are happy to welcome you in our shop. We are 2 guys like many, we come from Rovigo, but unlike many we want to share our creative ideas through clothing and accessories. Today for us it is the first day of a new adventure and together with you we will write what is hopefully a beautiful story.

Matthew and Richard
As you can see in our showcase we have selected graphics for everyday use.
We invite you to write us on the page contact your ideas for new models, it will be a pleasure to develop together any project, sharing is the basis of Life Sentence industy.
Also until 31 December given we collaborate with Life Sentence Rec (record label) We invite anyone who will buy our items to send us a selfie while wearing them and will receive as a gift a series of songs of Choice, as many as the heads that you You'il take home.
If you have a store and want to create your sales network in partnership with us, write in our contacts section and together we will find the best solution.
We thank you for all the support that we will be able to have remembering that only together we reach great goals.
See you in the SHOP.

Life Sentence Industry
The Staff