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Who are the clubbers, between history, false myths and truth. Let’s find out together in this article written by our Ambassador Krizia.

The clubbers in the common imagination are young people dedicated to the ” buzz”, the eternal Peter Pan unable to grow up.

Partying is part of their way of life, but it certainly doesn’t all boil down to that.

Let’s start from the foundations, clubbers are music lovers who love to go out at night and dance until their energy runs out. Always informed about the events of the clubs, they are people motivated by a real interest in experiencing each event first hand, as long as they are of quality, regardless of the musical strand they follow.


Curious young people ready to experience even big events or festivals where they can listen to their favorite DJs and live performers.

What distinguishes them is a real passion for music that leads them to frequent clubs on a regular basis. Frequenting clubs you have the opportunity to interact with different people, such as deejays, promoters, art directors, bouncers, bartenders and grocers. This generates friendships, and particularly strong ties, sometimes similar to a family, boys and girls who meet periodically in the same places, trying to have fun together in their own role.



Clubbers embrace an alternative lifestyle, share passions and are free of sexual customs.

Among the values of this movement are progress, freedom and emancipation: open-minded and free of taboos.

An outlet to escape from reality and spend time with people who have the same interests and ideals.



The term clubber has actually existed since the 1970s, but the category of people subject to it predates it, and we can go back to “clubbing” from the early 1980s with the hip hop music movement in the Bronx.

In the eighties the inspirational models in clothing were Michael Jackson and Madonna.

In the nineties street style also started to be in fashion among teenagers thanks to D&G designers.

Today some clubs have a dress code where they prefer clothes that are much more elegant than a few years ago.



The deejay is an integral part of the world of clubbing together with the audience have an essential function as they guide the evening from opening to closing.

The DJ has the task of entertaining and dancing the audience, creating a party atmosphere that must last all night.

A good technique is certainly a skill of primary importance but must also know how to interpret the mood of the party, a skill that possesses those who do it with passion and have an infinite musical knowledge to be able to interpret every moment of the party in the best way.

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