On this page you will find the FAQ (frequently asked questions) that we have received on our contact page. If you should not find the answer you are looking for here, please write to us. We are happy to answer your questions.

  • How to choose the correct size? Here is an article to answer the question.
  • Is the delivery time two weeks? Our links are printed to order by a partner warehouse in Latvia and are delivered directly to you wherever you want by courier. In this way, we do not create a warehouse and save nature together because the products are made only when an order is placed! As a result, the delivery time is 5-10 working days, unfortunately you can not get anywhere faster.
  • I would like to order a custom sweater that is not in the catalog. What should I do? In this case, if you have appreciated our quality and want to create a small order on commission you will have to write your project to our contact page. In 48h we will answer you to process this proposal together.
  • Is it possible to get the goods out of stock? Unfortunately what is no longer available in the store is no longer in our catalog, many of our collections no longer available today were in limited edition so I recommend you write us on our contact page to get all the information you need.
  • Will our orders be late for the COVID19 emergency? We can not guarantee delivery in a few days because our suppliers are slowed down and also the couriers for delivery, we just ask you to be patient, we will support your every single request.